Bingo Machines

Bingo machines are key electronic equipment used in Bingo venues.

Bingo Machine Types

Bingo machine types range from advanced portable equipment to all-in-one consoles.

Portable machines are generally made of durable plastic. These machines include a number generator, number display, check board and jackpot functions.

Consoles are free-standing units made of good-quality wood. These machines are larger than the portable machines, and generally have more features. Many are fully computerised, which means that the games and features can all be programmed.

Bingo Flashboards

Bingo flashboards reflect the ball numbers as each ball is released from the blower or cage. As each ball is dispensed, the caller announces the ball number and enters them onto the board. These numbers are then highlighted on the board for players to see.

Also known as the number board or Bingo board, flashboards can be used separately or as part of a Bingo unit.

Bingo Callers

The Bingo caller calls the numbers of the balls as they come out, and is a vibrant part of the Bingo experience.

Traditionally, a real person takes this role, which is a hugely popular title – so popular that there is a Caller of the Year Award!

Sometimes having a caller can be expensive however, so smaller clubs use an electronic caller.

The voice is produced using special software that generates a pre-recorded voice clip when the relevant ball has come out.

Bingo Halls

Bingo halls are where Bingo lovers meet each week to get together and play Bingo.

Chairs and tables are laid out in rows, and the Bingo machines are placed at the front of the halls so that all players are able to see the board.

As players enter the hall, they buy their cards from a table at the entrance. They also receive a schedule which tells them what games will be played that night. Drinks and snacks are often served. Once all players are seated, the games start – and it’s eyes down as everyone starts playing!

Bingo machines ensure that the games run smoothly, efficiently and most of all, simply.