Bingo Games

If you can’t get enough of your favourite game,  having your own Bingo games to use at home is the way to go!

Travel Bingo

Travel Bingo is the best way to take your Bingo with you, wherever you go.

From handy all-in-one sets containing cards, dabbers, balls and a cage, to fun “I Spy” type games, travel Bingo sets include options for the whole family.

Car Bingo games are played with 5×5 grid cards. Objects are determined beforehand, and could include road signs, license plates or landmarks. Once these have been chosen, a description is written in each square of the grid. Players then mark each box as they see the objects. The first to get a row going down, across or diagonally wins Bingo.

Bingo travel sets contain all the equipment needed to play traditional or Car Bingo, and even include handy travel bags to contain the sets.

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo is fast becoming a popular party theme for mums-to-be.

Special baby shower game sets are available that have cards with baby themed patterns, such as bottles, dummies, prams, nappies and so on.

The game can be made especially fun at a baby shower if baby-themed prizes – for example, baby bottles filled with chocolate milk or chocolate dummies – are given to the winners. This makes it fun for all the guests, and gives the mom-to-be a party to remember.

Party Bingo

This Christmas or New Years, why not get a Party Bingo set and host a party your guests will never forget?

Fun Bingo party ideas:

  • Christmas Bingo: These cards use Christmas symbols instead of numbers, and players need to match the symbols on their cards to those called out.
  • New Years Bingo: Similar to Christmas Bingo, winners must mark off all their pictures on their cards to win the game.
  • Happy Hour Bingo: Players drink a shooter when they win a line either across, down or diagonally – adults only and play responsibly!

Having a collection of Bingo sets will ensure that you always have fun with Bingo.