Bingo Dabbers

Bingo dabbers are pens with foam-rubber tips that are filled with ink, they are also referred to as “daubers”. These are used to mark off numbers on your Bingo cards as you hear them called. The pen is quickly pressed or ‘dabbed’ against the card to make a large round smudge.

Dabber Trends

Bingo DabbersThere are many different styles of dabbers, ranging from functional to frivolous. Dabber collecting is a popular hobby among Bingo players.

Dabbers come in all shapes and sizes, and almost every season a new colour ink becomes popular with players. Many players keep a six-pack to ensure that they have a few different options on hand.

Ink colours: Purple is very popular, followed by magenta, teal, red, blue, green, orange, yellow and pink.

Tips: Aside from round tips, you can also find paw prints, flowers, stars, hearts, clovers, smiley faces, doves, leaves and many other fun shapes.

Shapes: From seasonal Christmas trees, Easter bunnies, cowboys, spacemen, glow-in-the-dark to Elvis dabbers, there’s something for everyone.

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Marking Cards The Old Fashioned Way

Traditionally, marking cards was not done with dabbers, but with chips.

These were simple round plastic or wooden painted markers that were placed over the numbers on the cards. Some churches and halls still use these; however, the majority of players dab their numbers with ink these days.

The trend towards dabbing was largely due to the following factors:

  • Ink cannot be removed once marked on the card, whereas chips are less permanent.
  • In a crowded hall, chips could easily be bumped off the cards when the game got too exciting.
  • While ink created a need for disposable cards, it still removes the hassle of replacing chips after every game.

These days, most players keep their own dabbers, and halls only need to provide the cards.

Whether you prefer to keep things simple or add some spice into your Bingo, Bingo dabbers can add fun to the game. And who knows – your prized Elvis dabber could be worth thousands some day!