Bingo Cards

Bingo cards are probably the single most important item used in the Bingo game. These are used to show the numbers, which must be marked off as they are called.

There are two types of cards used, depending on the game.

75-ball Bingo Cards

75-ball game cards have grids arranged in a 5×5 block format, which contain 25 of a possible 75 numbers. The grids have five rows, each starting with the letters of the word BINGO.

These rows then have 15 numbers for each letter, laid out like this:

  • B Row: B-1 to B-15
  • I Row: I-16 to I-30
  • N Row: N-31 to N-45
  • G Row: G-46 to G-60
  • O Row: O-61 to O-75

Every card is different, and there are thousands of possible number combinations. So many in fact, that it is rumoured that the mathematician who created the possibilities went insane!

In 75-ball Bingo, Bingo is won on patterns, such as a diagonal, straight up or straight down. The middle square on the card is always left blank, and is known as a free space. Coverall or blackout Bingo is played by completing every square on the card.

90-ball Bingo Tickets

In 90-ball games, Bingo tickets are used instead of Bingo cards. These tickets have three rows containing nine squares. Each ticket has randomly selected numbers from one to 90, which are in no particular order. There are no letters, and only five squares in the row contain numbers – the others are left blank.

Bingo wins are not determined on patterns, but rather on the number of lines won. Players can either win one line, two lines or Full House (all three lines).

90-ball games are usually played in sessions, and players usually buy strips. A strip is a set of six tickets. Players can also choose to buy a certain number of strips, which is known as a book.

Playing Your Cards

In a Bingo game, the caller will announce each number as each ball is released from the cage. These numbers are also shown on the board.

As each number is called, you need to quickly scan your Bingo cards to see if that number is on any of them. If it is, you quickly bring that funky new dabber down to mark the number off.

As soon as all your numbers have been marked in the set pattern, you’ve won Bingo!